Alternatives to Cisco: 5 Reasons Why Juniper Switches Are a Good Option to Consider

Cisco has been the leader in the networking equipment market for quite a long time. It’s gotten to the point where Cisco is seen as the default resource for all kinds of IT technology, and other companies simply aren’t a consideration.

Does that mean that there are no competitors you should be trying? Not at all. While Cisco provides the broadest range of networking equipment, other providers specialize in specific items. For example, Juniper, which specializes in certain networking products, outshines Cisco in its area of expertise. Juniper’s switches in the network, for example, outshine many of Cisco’s offerings.

Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to consider Juniper before turning to Cisco for your networking tools, equipment, and servers.

1. Specialization: Juniper Switches

Cisco is built to provide a wide array of equipment for networking, meaning that its resources are spread rather broadly as Cisco must ensure quality and put time and labor into every one of its products. Cisco’s routing and switching are up to par for the most basic of needs. However, their routers aren’t built to handle the more complex tasks that Juniper switches can.

2. Amazing Value for Certain Requirements

One big benefit of going with a company that works with specific tasks is that you can often find high value for your money on your purchase. Juniper opted to build their equipment to work with high data throughput. While this is a relatively specific functionality, if you do find yourself in need, you won’t find a better value than Juniper switches and routers.

3. Inter-compatibility

When you’re buying from a company as large and with as much variety as Cisco, you run into a major problem: a lot of Cisco’s products are designed to work only with each other. That means that you can be trapped in Cisco’s proprietary ecosystem, which is bad news if a specific need comes up that Cisco can’t fill.

In contrast, Juniper switches were built with the intent of being compatible with other vendors. That means you will have far more options to choose from when building the rest of your system. This extra choice typically will save your budget quite a bit.

4. Focused Development: Fast Improvements

Juniper is focused on a small subset of engineering research:

● Juniper switches and routers, designed to handle high data throughput.
● Network security, to keep your system safe from cybercrime.

With only these few topics to research, Juniper manages to stay ahead of competitors with its laser focus. That’s why, though Juniper’s selection isn’t as big as Cisco’s, you will likely be getting a better product from Juniper.

5. Competition

Vendors like Juniper are what keeps Cisco from claiming a monopoly on the entire networking tech market. Aside from Juniper routers, Juniper switches, and Juniper’s network security being some of the best in the world, companies like Juniper keep the entire industry’s prices down and makes sure resources are invested into R&D.

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● Though Cisco is a good baseline for networking equipment, Juniper is another vendor you should consider.
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