3 Reasons to Buy a Used Cisco Router in Toronto

cisco-productsThe very name “Cisco” evokes feelings of reliable networking and performance.  IT professionals have been using Cisco equipment for years based on the company’s reliability and track record in the Computer Networking/I.T. industry.

However not every small business can afford to buy brand-new, out-of-the-box routers and switches. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot purchase used Cisco routers or switches. Here are three reasons why used Cisco routers are the way to go.

Used Cisco Routers Are a More Affordable Option.

There’s no doubt that choosing top-quality used Cisco routers and switches over newer lesser-branded routers and switches will save you money. Not only that, many distributors back up their pre-owned routers and switches with certification mandates proving that not only is it reused, but also refurbished to the point where a warranty can be placed on it, promising a free replacement in the event that the device does in fact break down.

Used Cisco Routers Are Just as Reliable as a New Cisco Router.

Cisco has become the number one name brand in the I.T. industry, and for good reason. Before a Cisco product, such as a router or switch, goes through, it needs to first undergo a rigorous series of quality checks to ensure that it’s a top-notch product. Nevertheless, it’s still always a good idea to get that extended warranty “just in case.”

Also, by going through a reliable distributer, you are practically ensuring that you are getting a product comparable to a new Cisco router or switch.

Lessen Your Need for Training.

Half the battle is familiarizing yourself with Cisco routers, switches, and other equipment. This is because most Cisco products are made in a similar manner. If you are switching from one Cisco router to another you can lessen the time spent on training, which is time saved in productivity to do what you need to do to gain more business, clients and revenue.

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